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Meta Content Framework (MCF)

Meta Content Framework (henceforth referred to as MCF) is a structure description language. The field of structure description languages is well understood and it is not our desire to reinvent any of it. Our goal is to select the portions of it that are required for our task. One benefit of this approach is the ready availability of tools and algorithms for manipulating MCF.

The information organization is structured as a Directed Labelled Graph (DLG). DLGs are well understood and have a standard terminology. In MCF, relationships between objects are represented in an unsurprising way by DLG arcs. DLG arc labels are themselves objects which participate in relationships.

New kinds of data appear on the web routinely. It should be possible to extend MCF dynamically to accommodate them. Furthermore, the list of potential applications for MCF is open-ended and each application might wish to add and use its own kinds of metadata. Though an application might associate arbitrary semantics with the new labels, it would be highly desirable if some significant portion of these semantics could itself be expressed with MCF. In light of these requirements, using DLGs, an extensible type system is included as part of MCF.