Standards/VRA_Core Standards VRA Core Categories is the Visual Resources Association's approach of categorizing visual documents that represent objects of art or architecture [65]. The VRA Core Categories provides a template designed but not limited to visual works collections. As VRA Data Standard Committee pointed, "CDWA was exhaustive in its list of elements needed to describe museum objects, it was not entirely satisfactory for the description of images, and in particular, did not cover all of the elements needed for the description of architecture and other site-specific works", there is a need to expand the concept to non-art objects and visual document for which VRA was created. Compared with and Benefit from CDWA, VRA Core categories is designed to cover most visual materials. It does not have such comprehensive categories as CDWA. Similar to Dublin Core, It provides a core set of elements, which could be expanded by adding new elements as needed. It contains 17 categories that can be used to describe both work and representations of the work, defined as images.
These categories are listed below: