Integration of structural and semantic models for multimedia metadata management

Leader: ISTI-CNR

Overview: - (Semi-)automatic MM metadata specification process - Information extraction techniques - Intelligent approaches - Semantic Web and multimedia content analysis - Multimedia data indexing.

Keywords: Multimedia metadata descriptors, Semantic Web, Image Indexing, Content-based Analysis,Information Extraction.

Contributions of partners

ISTI (Patrizia Asirelli, Massimo Martinelli, Ovidio Salvetti) use of standards and semantic web technologies to integrate metadata coming from different sources
Storage of metadata of multimedia metadata (e.g. images and text) and retrieval of information on the base of specific criteria

CEA LIST (Gregory Grefenstette) The CEA LIST will work on extracting meta data from raw text. The metadata can be used to collect additional metadata with external data (for example, images, graphs, maps, URLS). We will use our competencies in text analysis and web searching to extract and provide metadata to be integrated into an XML database

IBAI (Petra Perner) data mining, machine learning, image mining, image interpretation, image processing, case-based reasoning, image data base, artificial intelligence

BILKENT UNIVERSITY (Ugur Gudukbay, Ozgur Ulusoy ) Video Database Systems


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