Workshop days (December, 13-15)

Program (PDF version)

Tuesday, December 13
08.30    Registration
09.15 Opening Session E. Cetin, O. Salvetti, E. Salerno
09.30 S. Siltanen (invited lecture)
Augmented Reality beyond the hype - what is it good for?
10.30     Coffee Break
Session 1, Chairperson: T. B. A.
11.00 P. Perner
Learning Ontology for Visual Tasks
11.30 M. Martinelli, O. Salvetti, S. Colantonio
Ontology and Algorithms Integration for Image Analysis
12.00 F. Keskin, A.E. Çetin
Directionally Selective Fractional Wavelet Transform Using a 2-D Non-
Separable Unbalanced Lifting Structure
12.30      Lunch
Session 2, Chairperson: T. B. A.
14.15 K. Kayabol, J. Zerubia, V.A. Krylov 
Unsupervised Classification of SAR Images using Hierarchical Agglomeration and EM
14.45 R. Dahyot, D. Kim
Bayesian Shape from Silhouettes
15.15 D. Szolgay, T. Sziranyi
Adaptive Cartoon/Texture Decomposition with Orthogonality Based
15.45     Coffee Break
Session 3, Chairperson: T. B. A.
16.15 J. Mateos, A.K. Katsaggelos, R. Molina, P. Ruiz Matarán
A Bayesian Active Learning Framework for a Two-Class Classification
16.45 J. Han, P. de Zeeuw, E. Pauwels
Visible and Infrared Image Registration Employing Line-based Geometric
17.15      End of works first day
Wednesday, December 14
Session 4, Chairperson: T. B. A.
09.15 F. Coelho, C. Ribeiro
Pivot-based Indexes for Fast Retrieval in Large-scale Photo Collections
09.45 L. Kovacs
Shape retrieval and recognition on mobile devices
10.15     Coffee Break
10.45 B. Sankur (invited lecture)
Emotions and Gestures from Face Images
Session 5, Chairperson: T. B. A.
11.45 P. Vacha, M. Haindl
Texture Recognition using Robust Markovian Features
12.15 N. Malandrakis, S. Narayanan, E. Iosif, A. Potamianos
EmotiWord: Affective Lexicon Creation with Application to Interaction and
Multimedia Data
12.45     Lunch
Session 6, Chairperson: T. B. A.
14.15 X. Giró-i-Nieto, F. Marques, E. Carcel, M. Martos 
Rich Internet Application for Semi-Automatic Annotation of Semantic Shots on Keyframes
14.45 E. Martienne, P. Gros, V. Claveau
Labeling TV stream segments with Conditional Random Fields
15.15 J. Gallego, M. Solano, M. Pardas
Foreground objects segmentation for moving camera scenarios based on SCGMM
15.45      Coffee Break
16.00      Excursion to Lucca & Social Dinner
Thursday, December 15
Session 8, Chairperson: T. B. A.
09.15 M. Haindl
A Plausible Texture Enlargement and Editing Compound Markovian Model
09.45 M. Haindl, M. Havlicek
Bidirectional Texture Function Simultaneous Autoregressive Model
10.15 D. Moroni, O. Salvetti, M. Magrini, G. Pieri
Real Time Image Analysis for Infomobility
10.45     Coffee Break
11.15 S. Szalai, Z. Vidnyanszky, T. Sziranyi
Tracking the saliency features in images based on human observation
11.45 J. Filip, M. Haindl, P. Vacha 
Analysis of Human Gaze Interactions with Texture and Shape
12.30     Lunch
16.00     End of workshop